Relaunch of the Recursivity website


This site & blog hasn’t received a lot of love recently. As a consequence, I’m rebooting it altogether. The design is the change (though might change over time), but how it is made has changed entirely. Previously, I had my own hand-crafted site-generator based on Scala generating the pages. It did its job well enough, but it was pretty limited and not something I felt like maintaining over time when better alternatives exist out there. So few weeks ago, I started playing around with Hakyll, and I found myself able to replicate most of what my own site-generator did in a manner of hours, so now, the entire site is generated with Hakyll.

I’ve put the entire site, including the Haskell code associated on a GitHub repo. The content itself will obviously be copyrighted, but feel free to take the code and do with it as you please!

Also, a big thanks to Abizern, whose Hakyll code I followed and partially ripped off.